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Land Rover, Porsche, also Tiket.com | Speeder Talks Eps. 6 toes. Gaery Undarsa

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Join us for a chat with Gaery Undarsa; co-founder of Tiket.com, also to our shock, a extremely passionate also an knowledgeable petrolhead with a deep like for Land Rover also Porsche. our discuss his immense Land Rover series, his dream vehicles, also his scuttle inside constructing Tiket.com, a trailblazer inside Indonesia’s online ticketing commerce.

Gaery is one of essentially a most passionate automotive lovers now our indulge inside ever had on a remark, also it was as soon as so worthy stress-gratis talking to him. His expertise at Tiket.com also provides us some very attention-grabbing insights into a realm of startups also ticketing.

Special thanks as constantly to Regent Residences Jakarta for web hosting this episode of Speeder Talks. A comely luxury condominium inside Gatot Subroto with a improbable 360-level take into legend of Jakarta.

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